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Welser by Wolkenstein II - Lanthan     Windfee by Welser - Matrose








Bay Hanoverianer main stud book mare out of line no.531 (after Schride) founded by StPrSt Friesenglück and goes back to (1870). Breed: Welser-Matrose-Graf Douglas-Pik As xx. A lot of sporthorses are comming out of this line, successful in dressage and show jumping as well. Windfee was born Feb. 25, 2000 and is registered Hanoverian and has app. 16.1h.h.




Own performance:
7 foals in 8 breeding years. Performance tested: trot 6,5 canter 7,5 walk 7,5 rideability 7,67 show jumping 7,0. Awarded by the German FEI/FN and listet in the performance stud book dept. A + D for own performance and high fertility.  




Her mother


brought 11 foals in 14 breeding years and is listed in dept. C+D of the FEI/FN performance stud book.

Successful offsprings:
Biliti *95 by Buenos Aires Dres. successful on advanced level 
Worodin *97 by Weltmeyer, won Dressage on medium level  
Welcome *98 by Weltmeyer, 
Dres. successful on advanced level 




Special horses


Weltgraf *1990 by Weltmeyer out of Gräfin Pompadour


international successful in dressage on grand prix level under Jennifer Baumer, USA


2006 the no 229 with the FEI world ranking dressage.


C 4 by Liberty Life. International successful in show jumping, won CSI*** (1,45 m) and was 2006 no. 3 with the Salzburg Classics under nationscup rider Roland Englbrecht (AUT).


Future H by For Pleasure. International successful in CSI** under Markus Ehning



Licensed stallions out of her line:
Pik Junge *1968 by Pik As xx


state stud stallion in Celle, his offsprings won 113.235 € in competitions. 
Dualist *1964 by Duell II, state stud stallion Neustadt/Dosse

Dorant *1960 by Dornat, state stud stallion Neustadt/Dosse




Windfee's scores in the main stud book from 2003
Type 8


Head 9


Neck 8

Rest 7
Front leg and trot 6
Total 7 




Health: vaccinated like a sport horse, got 5-6 wormer per year, regularly black smith and teeth control, no vices, easy to handle, very good TB shaped elegant offsprings.







     Weltmeyer  v. World Cup I
   Wolkenstein II    v. Absatz
     StPrSt Wolke  v. Wendekreis
 Welser      v. Grande
     Lanthan  v. Lombard
   Letinia    v. Sudan xx
     Tausendschön  v. Tannenberg
       v. Wendekreis
     Marcio xx  v. Aventin xx
    Matrose    v. Janus xx
     Adelinde  v. Athos
FN-LSt Mona      v. Allmers
     Graf Douglas  v. Grande
  (VA) Gräfin Pompadour   

 v. Absurd

     Plastik  v. Pik As xx
       v. Weimar 




further: Dynamit - Friesenkönig-Sportsmann -Schwabenspiegel II - Oroszvar xx - Süd (1866).



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was licensed 1997 in Verden, and was also the reserve winner of the licensing. One year later he passed his Stallion Performance Test with excellent scores and was the reserve winner of this test with 138,86 points in dressage and 105,92 in show jumping. In the age of 7 years he was able to go dressage at advanced level and was member in the big chestnut-quadrille of the State Stud in Celle.




Based at Schillerslage he brought in 4 years 341 offsprings for the breeding area Hanover. From his first year, 3 stallions became licensed straight away. Meanwhile, he has 7 licensed sons, 62 registered mares, from it 20 state premium mares. Welser’s offsprings were sold mostly quite dearly. On the stallion market and in the riding horse auction in the age between 2, 5 and 4 years, they were sold between 20.000 € and 48.000 €.




Welser transmitted his offsprings a very beautiful head and a quadratic type mostly. Although he was bred with dressage mares mainly, his offsprings can jump amazingly well. His father Wolkenstein II placed often the best show jumping horse on several auctions in Verden. Mother father Lanthan was one of the first stallions in the Program for breeding Hanoverian show jumping horses. 70 of his offsprings were successful in 2009, from it 6 horses on adevanced level. They all achieved until today 57.537 € prize money.




Welser is inbred on Wendekreis, who left very ambitious and good jumpers. Welser’s offsprings also have this ambition and the performance strength. His son Wells Fargo was the 5. with the Federal Champion Chip (Bundeschampionat) in Warendorf 2006, was auctioned in October 2006 in Verden for 54.440 € (incl. all fees) and was now in August 2008 the No. 5 with the World Champion Chips für Young Dressage Horses in Verden. 




Meanwhile Welser is successful in Dressage under the Danish rider Gry L. Heitmann on international level St. Georges and Intermediaire I. His FEI breeding values are excellent. He is listed under the German Top stallions with 140 points for dressage and 95 % security.



Windfee is a very noble mare and has purely arithmetical, a share of 32% nobly blood (TB and Trakehner). In 8 generations, 11 noble stallions are included, which are inbred for several times. In 3., 6. and 7. generation on Marcio xx, in 6. and 8. generation on Der Löwe xx, 2 x in the 6. generation on the Trakehner Abglanz. Furthermore are included Sudan xx, Pik As xx, Marabou xx, Toreador xx, Lateran/T., Semper Idem/T. Kurde x and Jason ox.





With these high nobly-blood-shares, she met our expectations of a very good heredity. Windfee received high scores for her exterior. Type 8,  head 9, neck 8. The rest was scored with 7, the frontleg with 6, what is comprehensible with this high TB blood share. She received for her loose jumping on June 5th 2003 in Verden an 8 for scope, for technique was given her the 7. One year later with her own performance test, the interior was assessed with 8, the rideability 7,67. For walk and canter she got from the judges the 8 in each case.

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