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StPrSt Flamenca by Florestan - Welser



StPrSt Flamenca *2007

Flamenca is a gem stone. End of 2009 we had app. 50 Hanoverian branded Florestan mares by 19.000 registered in the Hanoverain Association. It is an educated guess how many from this 50 are awarded as state premium mare. Flamenca for us therefore is a high valuable breeding mare. 2010 she passed a very good performance test, was inseminated 2011 and brought her first foal by Scolari in 2012. 

Own performance:
MPT 7,5-8,0-8,0/8,25/5,5 

Ia awarded on shows and

state premium 2010

2012 - Filly by Scolari - sold to USA

2013 - in foal by San Amour


Her dam Windfee: FN-LStB A+D
Windfee passed a very good mare performance test and brought until now only fillies which are highly desiered as future breeding mares and therefore not in sport use are. Windfee was awarded by the German FEI/FN for high fertility and a good performance test. Her true siblings are successful in dressage on advance level.




   Fidelio  Furioso II
 Florestan     Laura
    StPrSt_Raute  Rheingold
   Welser  Wolkenstein II
 Windfee     Letinia
   Mona  Matrose

Grand dam Mona: FN-LStB C+D

Successful offsprings:
Biliti *95 by Buenos Aires succesf. on Dres. advanced level 
Worodin *97 by Weltmeyer, won Dres. medium level 
Welcome *98 by Weltmeyer, succesf. on Dres. advanced level

Mona's true siblings: 

Weltgraf *1990 by Weltmeyer out of Gräfin Pompadour 

international successful in dressage on Grand Prix level under Jennifer Baumer, USA 2006 the no. 229 in the FEI world ranking dressage. 

Fabarchie *1999 by Eklat out of Gräfin Pomapdour; international successful in dressage on Grand Prix level under Nicky Pope New Zealand. 2011 the no. 498 in the FEI world ranking dressage. 


C 4 by Liberty Life. International successful in show jumping, won CSI*** (1,45 m) and was 2006 no. 3 with the Salzburg Classics under nationscup rider Roland Englbrecht (AUT).


Future H (Fee) by For Pleasure. International successful, won in Lyon  CSI* under Markus Ehning

Licensed stallions: 
Pik Junge *1968 v. Pik As xx, N-LGS 113.235 €
Dualist *1964 v. Duell II, LB Neust./Dosse
Dorant *1960 v. Dornat, LB Neust./Dosse

Irrwisch *1955 v. Irrlicht, LB Neust./Dosse


Florestan I


Is there anything else to write over this stamp stallion Florestan? We do not think so: with nearly 90 licensed sons and more than 200 state prime mares he is one of Germany's breeding heroes. His offsprings won 1.427.256 € in Germany until end of 2009. In Dressage and Show Jumping he is leading the breeding ranking list since years with 146 points in Dressage with a security of 99 %.  His offsprings are paid dearly at all places - First Dance brought his proud owner at the licensing in Verden 2006 the amount of 400.000 €. 

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