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Show Dancer *2010 

Hanoverian dark bay colt, born June 14, 2010. The combination Show Star with De Niro mares was already very successful in the breeding area of Westphalia. Our little star is a breathtaking beautiful colt with blaze and 3 white feet. Photo show him at the age of 4 weeks. In later breeding use he will not bring chestnut offsprings. 













Show Star *1991


No doubt - Show Star belongs with a dressage index of 145 points and 94 % security to the Top 5% of the German Dressages Sires and he is the most successful Sandro Hit son. His offspings won until end of 2009 45.064 € in competitions and are well know in shows, in Warendorf with the Bundeschampionat and since last year on advanced level in dressage.




But not only his offsprings are successful. Show Star himself is very successful in the sport. 


2001 in Warendorf he was the shining Federal Champion (Bundeschampion) of 3 y old riding horses. He received the dream score 10 for his rideability. In 2002 he was Vice Champion with the Bundeschampionat. 2003 after being victorious in the square he was participant in the finals with the World Championships for Young Dressage horses and the Bundeschampionat. The year 2004 started with the victory if the LVM-Youngster-Championat. Meanwhile Show Star reached the upper class of the dressage and was successful in competitions on international level. December 2007 he was Vice Champion in the Finals of Nürnberger Burgpokal under Oliver Oelrich. Since 2009 Show Star is school master for Sophie Holkenbrink and very successful in the class for young riders. Collecting one ribbon after the other and continuously trained by Oliver Oelrich, Show Star celebrated in December 2009 in Vechta with the Althengstparade perfect double pirouettes in gallop and showed the lessons of Grand Prix. 


Show Star's foals were victorious in big shows, dearly sold on auctions and proud winners in Championships in Lienen and North Rhine Westphalia. From his first offsprings several stallions were licensed straight away and many mares received the title ELITE on shows. In Warendorf some of his 4-5 y old offsprings were auctioned for 150.000 € and more, his son Showmaker could collect ribbons with the Bundeschampionat and is today Supreme Champion in

England under Garry Williams.  





   Sandro_Hit  Sandro_Song
 Show_Star     Loretta
   Feine_Dame  Feinbrand
   De_Niro  Donnerhall
 Dancing_Daylight     Alicante
   Mona  Matrose



1. Mother: 5/5; FN-LStB Abt. A+D


ZSP 8,0-7,5-7,5 / 7,67 / 6,0


2. Mother: 14/11; FN-LStB Abt. C+D
Successful offsprings:


Biliti *95 by Buenos Aires Dres. Adv. level


Worodin *97 b. Weltmeyer, won Dres. Mde level


Welcome*98 b. Weltmeyer, Dres. Adv. level


3. Mother:


Weltgraf  by Weltmeyer. International successful in Grand Prix and 2006 the no. 229 with the FEI World Ranking List Dressage under Jennifer Baumer, USA.  




Dam line 1194012 Friesenglück:  


C 4 by Libety Life, won CSI*** under R. Engelbrecht (AUT)


Future H by For Pleasure, won CSI** under Markus Ehning.


And a lot of further successful competition horses. 

line no. 531 after Schridde





Pik Junge *1968 LB Celle, N-LGS 113.235 €


Dualist *1964 LB in Neustadt/Dosse


Dorant *1960 LB in Neustadt/Dosse 


Irrwisch *1955 LB in Neustadt/Dosse



 Video - 4 weeks old






3 days old 


4 weeks


4,5 months old


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