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Scolari filly


Hanoverian filly, born May 18, 2009  at 7.50 p.m. She is the first foal out of our TB mare Za Bijana xx and meets our expectations for nearly 100 %. The little princess is blood shaped, elegant, healthy, and already loves to move. Her colour will be a liver brown, she has 4 black feet and a big star on her front head. Her character seems excellent: friendly, courious, human reflected. Her size is for a first foal pretty good. At the age of 3,5 weeks she was sold to an ambitious dressage rider as future horse. Za Bijana xx is a perfect mother and we are happy for this good results.  











Scolari *2004

Hanoverian stallion, bay, standing with the Pape stud in Hemmoor is a sire that attracts at his licensing through outstanding ground covering basic gaits and a very good type. One year later his first foals where marked by his shining type and could convince with ground covering basic gaits and an enormous energetic thrust out of the hind legs. Some of them where very successful in shows and highly scored by the judges. Since last year Scolari is a popular address for certain heredity and a stallion to talk about. His important dam line is one of the most successful in the Hanoverian breeding and brought 2008 with Dramatic the World champion of the 6 y old dressage horses.





                       Sandro SongSandro
                  Sandro Hit Gepard         
  Loretta Ramino
Scolari              Welt As
  De Niro             Donnerhall
 Dynastie              Akzent II
  Wicke                 Weltmeyer
  Nebos xxCaro xx
 Laraoche xx Nostrana xx
  Laurea xxSharpman xx
Za Bijana xx  Licata xx
  Acatenango xxSurumu xx
 Za d'Amour xx Aggravate xx

Zalucca xx

Luciano xx
    Zarin xx








Za Bijana's dam line is performance blood through and through. Laroche, Acatenango and Luciano where racing horse of the year in Germany and victorious in races Group I. Za Bijana xx won several times in long distance races and is registered in the Hanoverian stud book with very high scores, esp. for correct legs, frame and neck. 









Perfect model


courious with knee action


always up hill


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