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Silvio *2014

Rubina's 3rd foal is a colt, who was born on April 15 in the morning at 5.30 a.m. He is bay and clearly shaped by his father with a big star and 3 white feet.  


Silvio stood quick on his legs, is healthy and we are happy. 


With our claim to breed horses for the upscale sport, we naturally are focused on sport success in the close relationship of the horses we use for breeding. Mother Rubina won 86 ribbons in the square and was successful up to M* dressage. Rubina's father, the stallion Rubin Star N, is now at home in England, and has been successful up to advanced level S-dressage in Germany. Though he was only less used for breeding, his descendants are also successful at S-Dressage and won until today over € 111,000 in the square.


Scolari *2004

owned by the Hengststation Pape in Hemmoor, is the shootingstar of his year. No other stallion born in 2004, has such a lot of successful offspring in the sport. The FN (German FEI) listed him even among the top 1% of all ages of the German dressage sires 2012. With a breeding value of 153 and a 90% confidence he breaks all the expectations of his heredity and confirms the strengths of his dam line.    


Scolari brings with a high security big framed foals with very elastic, up hill movements. His offspring are often on the first places in shows. 2010, his eldest daughters awards Ia at shows and a first son was licensed. He currently has six approved sons, many excellent state premium daughters, and his oldest offspring are extremely successful in young horse tests. Scara Boa was 2013 World Champion of all 5 y old Dressage Horses. Other older Scolari offpsring were auctioned in October 2012 in Verden, and found their way over the elite auction into international sporting stables.


Scolari's major dam line of Noria belongs to the Hanoverian silverware. 27 approved stallions, 76 state premium mares, 240 sport horses - from it Dramatic, the world champion of the 6-y old Dressage Horses from 2008 - confirm the quality of this line. Other well known representatives are: His Highness, Barclay, Rhodes Scholar, and in the upscale sports Whisper, Big Ben, Al Mansur, etc.



 Scolari   Sandro Hit   Sandro_Song
 von Ramino
 Dynastie  De Niro


 Rubin_Star_N   Rubinstein I
 Weissina  World Cup I

1. Mother: 3/3

86 Ribbons up to M*-Dres, own winning amount

2.915 €. FEI/FN-awarded as sport performance mare, registered Hanoverian and Oldenburg main stud book with very good scores. 
2. Mother 

Weissina  herself was successful in the square and won € 677. Her offspring are successful up to M-Dressage.   

3. Mother  

Lamberta was  also the grandmother of Blue Hors Cavan. Her offspring were exceptionally successful in the sport. Cavan's mother Danena put down a very good mare performance test and was included in the FN performance studbook Dept. A.


Dam Line 2192304 Artiges Kind

The dam line of Artiges Kind is equally successful in breeding and sport. From it come the stallions Allerhand, Arsenik, Ceylon, Derby, Elk, Senator, Senussi and the internationally successful and approved stallion Blue Hors Cavan. The sports achievements are noteworthy. With € 221,462 and only 87 sport horses, brings this dam line a clearly above average performance in sports. The line in a tree at horsetelex
















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