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The following short notes are intended to provide insight into the highs and lows in our barn. It's so nice to have a healthy foal on the straw! The path may be long and hard ...



December 25, 2015     Merry Christmas! 


Santa's flight








December 21, 2015     Awards

Just in time for the year end ceremony we received today the stable plaques from the German FN. We now proudly present the performance mares:

StPrSt Flamenca and StPrSt Hot Chocolate, registered in Dept A. for a very good mare perf. test and two foals. 

StPrSt Dolcezza in addition to Dept. A now also Dept. D for high fertility. 

We are very pleased !  





December 8. + 10, 2015   2. contol in 30 day test 

Year end tests are always very interesting, to observe the young stallions. Here a small selection.

All videos on youtube


Rubina is in foal by him


 Bon Coeur

WM Stud


 Honoré du Soir

Station Sosath




October, 15, 2015     First international success

Harlem *2007 by Hofrat/T. out of our Dancing Daylight by De Niro could today in Oslo achive his first international ribbon. On CDIY on St. Georges level was he 6. with his rider. He was the youngest starter in the competition.

Details and results on horsetelex


September 21, 2015     Elite Mare 

On Sept. 03. Rubina was honored by the Oldenbourg Society with the titel Elite Mare. Today we received the stable plaque. 

Rubina could achive in dressage more than 80 ribbons up to M*,  from it 25 victories in L-Dressage, with 2.915 € price money.

She brought 3 premium foals. For 2016 she is in foal to the  Vitalis-Son Veneno.




September 16, 2015     Hard Good Bye

After 2,5 weeks of very bad illness we had today say good bye to little Dolce.

Many thanks for this wonderful collage to  Maria Ross.




August 14, 2015     Flora's first competition

in DPF A today in Gehrde was worth a 4. place and scored with 7,1. bewertet. Our little girl was very good, and better as some other horses with normal size.

Flora is for sale 







July 31, 2015     Again a 2. Place

In DPF A for 4-6 y old horses in Ueffeln, could Sam under Heiner achieve the 2. place.  





July 30, 2015     OL Registration 

Don D. Premium Awarded

In slow motion his strengths are obvious. Trott extention with power out of the hind quarter and later coming back - and always in the right rhythm !  



Rocky Premium awarded


Like a metronome - a step as the other. The judges liked it.




peeved that day and not quite in shape. Nevertheless, one can see in the slow motion beautiful her "rubber" as she come off forcefully from the bottom
Powerpackage with the motor in place.



July 25 2015     Place 2

on DPF A level reached Sam under Heiner Sudowe today in Recke!  


Juy 20, 2015     Last Try

Ready covered by Signum xx


July 19, 2015     Advanced Dressage

Resümee and Philippa could today in Ahrensfelde achieve an ordinary 3. Place in S*-Dressage.

Many congratulations to this wonderful success! 


July 18, 2015     In foal too

Windfee is in foal for June 2016 to Schwarzgold/T.


Juy 10, 2015     Finally in foal

Quinera by Quaterback - Baryshnikov is in foal to Silberschmied


June 29, 2015     Our latest filly  

for this year was born this morning at 4.15 a.m. This little daughter of the stallion Goldberg has a perfect body and beautiful head. We are curious on her first movements.



12 h old and perfect shaped






June 29, 2015     Breeding News

Rubina is in foal to Veneno for 2016,  Ready is not in foal to Signum xx, Windfee inseminated by Schwarzgold  


June 21, 2015     Qualified

Very good news reached us today from Norway. GO² Harlem (es High Grove) won dressage MA double bit with  67,6 % and qualified for the Oslo Horse Show in October




Many congratulations

      Proud winner





June 19, 2015     Quinenra

Sonography - is not in foal - unfortunately. 


June 15, 2015     Photoshooting

Don D. and Rocky today had an appointment with the camera 



Rocky - one month old  







Don D. 2,5 months old






June 14, 2015     Ready to Dance

is back from the stud. Now we cross our fingers for a future foal...


June 10, 2015     Rubina

inseminated by  Veneno


June 08, 2015     Ready to Dance

is on the way to the stallion Signum xx


June 08, 2015     Damira

she is outside 24 h now and enjoys the pasture. 






June 7, 2015     Flamenca

was unfortunately not in foal today. She will spend the next days with the vet for a new try



June 07, 2015     Sport

Resümee and Philippa reeive palce 7 at the Derbypark in Hamburg Klein Flottbek in St. Georges Kur to Music 


June 6/7, 2015     Windfee

was inseminated by  Schwarzgold 



May 31, 2015     Sport

Proud winner in Dressage on M* level are today in Ammersbeck Philippa and Resümee


May 31, 2015     Lots of Rhythm

shows our 4 days old Di Nero by De Niro - Welser at his first walk outside in the paddock   



May 28, 2015     Mare Performance Test 

Flora Diva *2011 by Florestan-Welser and Shayana *2012 by Scolari Welser passed today their Mare Performance Test in Ankum.

Both received good scores above the average, Flora 7,83 - Shayana 8,0 in av for the gaits and rideability. Show jumping was scored

7,0 and. 6,5. We are happy with theses good results! 













Perfect hindquater for later collecting lessons


Beautiful female expression


Trot scored with 8,5


May 27, 2015     Finaly

after nearly 12 months brought Windfee at 3.15 h a gorgeous colt by De Niro.

Di Nero is bay, has 4 white feet and a blaze.



May 25, 2015     Sport

Place 4 received today on Dressage M** level Resümee and Philippa in Ahrensbök


May 23, 2015     A thrid Place

reached today our 3 y old Scolari-Welser daughter under Heiner Sudowe. Shayana got 7,8 for her presentation on Reitpferde level.






May 22, 2015     Insemination

Flamenca by Ratzinger V


May 15, 2015     A Blue Ribbon

received today our Sam *2011 by San Bernardino - Dauphin in Rulle. Under Heiner Sudowe could achieve our gelding the 4. place in DPF A, scored 7.8.   






May 14, 2015     Rocky is born

At 3.45 h gave Rubina birth to her fourth foal, a brown colt by Rock Forever.  



  12 hours old        



May 11, 2015   Sonography 

Lady Anina is in foal to Stolzenberg 


May 10, 2015   Insemination 

Quinera with Silberschmied 


May 03, 2015   Sunshine Grace

The now 6 y old mare by Scolari out of our Windfee by Welser and her rider Tjorven won today Dressage on A** level and reached palce 10 on Dressage level L double bit. 


May 01, 2015   Flamenca

.. and her son will spend the next days at the Letter Berg stud for insemination with Ratzinger V. 


April 23, 2015   Insemination 

Lady Anina with Stolzenberg


April 12, 2015   Don D.

He enjoys the sun playing at the paddock











April 11, 2015   ... and again a chestnut

App. at 3.00 a.m. gave Quinera birth to a healthy filly. Damira is still tired and need some time to relax.

Read more


April 08, 2015   Training for the Mare Performance Test 

Our 3 y old Shayana by Scolari-Welser is very ambitious under saddle. End of May she shall pass her performance test, mid of Jue is mare show.

March 30, 2015  Born under thunder and lightning

this morning at 6.20 a.m. was born our Don D. We are very pleased about this beautiful chestnut colt by Don NoblessRead more 






12 h old 




24.03.2015  Es geht weiter...

Flamenca's Bauch rutscht weiter nach unten, Kruppe und Flanke fallen ein. Lange kann es nicht mehr dauern.

Lady Anina roßt sehr gut und wird morgen mit Stolzenberg besamt. Daraus ergibt sich einen Verdichtung von Servus und Gotthard in 4.-6. Generation mit Vollblut Testmating


18.03.2015  Siesta in der Frühlingssonne 






schaukeln ihre Babybäuche durch die Frühlingssonne


17.03.2015  Natur kann so grausam sein

Heute nach der Fütterung brachte Ready einen Riesen von Fantastic zur Welt. Mit 120 cm Stm und 70 kg war das braune Hengstfohlen viel zu groß und kam tot auf die Welt. Die Geburt verlief relativ schnell, Milch war nicht ins Euter eingeschossen, und so sagte uns die Tierärztin, dass er schon 1-2 Tage tot gewesen sein muss. Ready war von der Anstrengung sehr mitgenommen und hat Spritzen zur Stabilisierung bekommen, alle 2-Beiner waren fassungslos. Ein schwarzer Tag, waren doch 11 Monate Freude und Hoffnung in einem Schlag zu Nichte.


16.03.2015  Aktuelles aus Norwegen

G0² Harlem *2007 (ex High Grove) wird auf höhere Aufgaben vorbereitet. Im Training springt er fliegende Wechsel, Ansätze von Pi und Pa funktionieren auch schon, und in einer Trainingseinheit mit Kyra Kyrklund war er Vorzeigepferd.

Link zum Foto auf facebook 



Pi Pa - Ansätze als Fohlen ...


... und 8 Jahre später im Training


16.03.2015  Welcome ist leider wieder nicht tragend. Die nächste Besamung erfolgt daher mit dem Hengst Fürstbischof aus Celle. Vielleicht mag sie ihn ja lieber, als Buckingham. Nicht-Züchtern sei an dieser Stelle erklärt, dass hinter "mögen - nicht mögen" die Arbeit von Enzymen steckt, die die Eihaut weich machen, damit eine Befruchtung stattfinden kann, und diese Enzyme können von Hengst zu Hengst variieren.


15.03.2015  Quinera hat am 4. April die Zeit um. Bei ihr sieht man allerdings kaum etwas, was bei erstgebärenden nicht ungewöhnlich ist. Hinterher wundert man sich, wo das Fohlen gesessen hat. Von der Seite wirkt sie noch sehr sportlich, von hinten betrachtet ist ihr Bauch asymetrisch. Windfee hat noch einen Monat mehr Zeit, und bei ihr sieht so alles normal aus. 



Windfee with asymetric belly


Quinera - still sportive in the side view,

from the rear also asymmetrically


March 14, 2015     Ready has still not foaled. Her udder is half full, the foal is right and really set to go. Everything seems ok as we see foals movements. 


Feb 13, 2015     Shayana - dental care. Wolf teeth and caps removed


Feb 11, 2015     Two 3 y old mares have moved from the coast to us. Shayana by Scolari-Welser who now is 3 y old and shall be prepared for the mare performance test. Likewise Flora Diva by Florestan-Welser, who already is 4y old. 


Feb 10, 2015     Welcome again inseminated by Buckingham


Feb 06, 2015     Ready to Dance is perfectly round and has tonight flipped her box. Thus her foal will be born probably later than calculated. Let's see if it will still take 4 weeks  ...


Jan 21, 2015     Welcome by Weltmeyer was inseminated by Buckingham.


Jan 02, 2015     The new year begins bumpy. After a knee joint exchange on December 17, 2014 will now follow 3 weeks rehab to learn to walk again. Animals and house are supplied, the PC is on vacation.



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