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August 18, 2014     Finally in foal

Dolcezza is for 2015 in foal by Goldberg. Now the breeding season is finished and we look forward to the following foals in 2015


                  July  2,  2014     Premium Foal  

Silvio by Scolari - Rubin Star was today registered with the Oldenbourg Society and was awarded Premium Foal. We are proud of our little "Prince Charming" who is for sale. 


July  1,  2014     Cuxhaven 

Flora Diva, Solo Tu, Scala II and Santica moved today to Cuxhaven and will spend the next months on best grasland at the river Elbe.


June 29, 2014     Performance is the measurement  

In her first tournament start, Lady Anina could reach today in Damme 2 x the 4th plae in SPF A **. Only approved stallions of the stations Schockemoehle and Sprehe were better than her. Results 




June 25, 2014     Silvio is for sale


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June 19, 2014     Mare Show Meppen 


Today Lady Anina was awarded Ia and Hanoverian Premium Mare. The judges mentioned her very good mare performance test result, her correctness and intelligence. Anina went at place four of a mixed group of dressage and jumping mares and could show her strengths trotting at hand.






















June 17, 2014     Finally in foal!

After being empty for 3 years, Windfee is finally in foal to De Niro. Her embryo is applied quite normal and in 3 weeks is one more check, and then hopefully coming in May 2015, the awaited filly.


June 17, 2014     The miracle bag

Daylight is not in foal and will therefore move end of this month on a leasure time farm. At the age of 13 years she still is healthy and at the "Ulmenhof" are some children, who look forward grooming and pet her. May be she can serve as a donor mare for embryo transfer in 2015. Her genes are valuable, her offspring are successfully to S-Dres, and with her daughter Ready to Dance there is only one successor in our barn.


June 15, 2014     Successful Weekend

Philippa and Resümee competed this weekend in Klein Flottbek and reached in a FEI-M** Dres the 5. Place, in M** Kur to Music Place 6.  Tjorven and Sunshine Grace competed in Weyhe and reached 2 x Place 3 in A* Dres and place 2 in a young riders competition. High Grove, who was renamed and is now Go2 Harlem, is after his training in Denmark back to Norway. At his first competition he won the Golden Ribbon and received a lot of very good comments. At this point we say THANK YOU to all horses and riders for the wonderful success, that make our breeding more valuable!


June 14, 2014     In foal !

Hot Chocolate is in foal for 2015 by Escolar


June 05, 2014     Mare Performance Test

Lady Anina today passed in Engter her MPT. With a jumping result of 8,0 for her technique,   8,5 ability and 7,75 for her rideability, she received with 8,0 in average the second best result of all jumping mares. We are happy and proud. As the breeding season is soon comming to end, we will not inseminate her this year. After the mare show mid of this month, she shall go to one or two jumping competitions for young horses. 


June 05, 2014     Finally good news ! 

Rubina is in foal by Rock Forever. 


June 05, 2014     Our latest aquisition

Windfee now is three years empty and it seems, she will leave our breeding in July. Therefore we have changes in our mare herd.  Out of the dam line of  Pik Bube I + II we bought a new mare. Here are all details from Quinera.


June 02, 2014    Sonography

Dolcezza is not in foal by Escolar


May 30, 2014     Insemination

Breeding with results like this is no fun. Windfee is not in foal and was today again inseminated by De Niro, Daylight was inseminated by Fantastic.


May 27, 2014     Insemination

Hot Chocolate today was inseminated by Escolar.


May 19, 2014     Insemination

Rubina today was inseminated by Rock Forever.


May 15, 2014     Insemination

Dolcezza today was inseminated by Escolar.


May 07, 2014     Insemination 

Daylight was today again inseminated by Fantastic. Unfortunately she has cysts and it difficult breeding with her.  


May 06, 2014     Insemination

Windfee today again insseminated by De Niro.


May 05, 2014     Sonography

Flamenca is in foal by Don Nobless.


April 28, 2014     Photo shooting 



 Silvio by Scolari


12 days old







Fabergé by Fantastic


3 weeks old






 Edwina by Edward


10 days old






April 18, 2014     Edwina is born


One day earlier than expected brought Dolcezza her 4th foal, a very beautiful black filly by Edward. The birth was easy and quick and both (mother and child) are healthy. We are very happy with this filly!









April 15, 2014     Welcome Silvio

In early morning at 5.30 a.m. brought Rubina her 3rd foal, a bay colt by Scolari. Silvio is clearly shaped by his father, has a big star and 3 white legs. Mother and son are healthy and we are happy.














April 9, 2014     Sonographie

Ready to Dance is in foal for end of February 2015 by Fantastic




April 5, 2014     Welcome Fabergé

A few minutes after 11 p.m. brought Hot Chocolate, owned by Steve and Kim Spencer in Australia, her first foal. A bay filly with a heart in from of her head. The birth was easy, mother and child are healthy and we are happy!













March 30, 2014     First Ribbon on Advanced Level

At her second start on advanced level Philippa and Resümee reached the 7. place. What a gorgeous success ! Many congratulations and our fingers are crossed for more !














March 25, 2014     Photo Shooting

Aboyeur is a perfect model




March 23, 2014     Offspring

Sunny Friday left today our barn and moved to the Czech Republic. All the best for her and her new owner Hanna and good luck for the future! Ready to Dance was today inseminated by Fantastic.


March 20, 2014     Springtime

A wonderful day was the opportunity to take some photos



Hot Chocolate




Dolcezza (right)


March 10, 2014     First Bounce

Our 4 y old Lady Anina by Landstreicher is in preparation for her mare performance test and shall participate in late summer in first jumping competitions. Her first attempts are very promissing.  








Feb 28, 2014     Nice Development

With 13 days our colt took a nice development. He is easy to handle, intelligent and stays outside at foot of his mother. More pics soon. 


Feb 15, 2014     Black colt

This night was born a huge black colt by Abegglen FH out of our Ready to Dance. Read more on his own page


Jan 12, 2014     First S-Dressage

Resümee and Philippa competed today for the first time on advanced level. Both were scored with 63,929 % and missed a ribbon only with a blink. Our fingers are crossed for a successful 2014! 


Jan 01, 2014     HAPPY NEW YEAR !

All the best and a happy, healthy and successful New Year to all visitors of our homepage !  











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