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The following short notes are intended to provide insight into the highs and lows in our barn. It's so nice to have a healthy foal on the straw! The path may be long and hard ...


Nov 17, 2013 Time to say Goodbye

Today passed Helga Kamp away, our mom and biggest fan of our horses. We will miss and never forget her!





Oct 23.-26., 2013 Licensing Verden 

After 4 exhausting but also very beautiful days, all arrived safe back home. It's a great feeling, to see the own stallion presented at the largest breed association, even if he was not licensed. Now he will be gelded and prepared as a riding horse.

A big THANK YOU to Dr. Christina Beuke for the transmission of this photos!








Oct 16, 2013     German Olympic Committee Warendorf (DOKR)

Philippa and Resümee were invited due to their great performance of the tournament season 2013 from the German Federal Coach for young riders to a course. Impressions of the last training session here


Oct 13, 2013     Short before weaning

Sri Lanka is well developed and will be weaned soon. Sunny still have some weeks with her mother. 



Sri Lanka 6 months old


Sunny Friday 4,5 months old


Oct 10, 2013     Hanoverian Licensing

Our San Sebastian belongs to the 100 of the best stallions of 2011 and he is part of the Hanoverian licensing in Verden




Sept 29, 2013     Saumur France

Show Dancer *2010 by Show Star - De Niro could achieve in the finals at the French Federal Championship a Bronze Award and place no.6. Many congratulations to Camille and her team any many ribbons in the future with her Showi!His full sister Sunny Friday is for sale.



Sept 18, 2013     Accepted !

Our 2 yo stallion by San Bernadino - Dauphin was today accepted and preselected for the Hanoverian licensing in Oct in Verden. We are proud and look forward to his presentation in October. 




Sept 14, 2013     The end of the tournament season 

Sunshine Grace and Tjorven could today win their first golden ribbon. They won a light dressage and where on the 3. place in a young horse competition. Many congratulations for both!   


Sept 03, 2013     Breeding season finished 

Sunny Friday by Show Star-De Niro was registered today as a true Hanoverian. Windfee and Flamenca are not in foal - unfortunately. Therefor we expect the following foals in 2014.  


Sept 01, 2013     Hamburg  

Since 2005 the Hamburger Young Riders Cup is a big regional event. This year's winner on M** Level Dressage are Philippa and Resümee. We are very happy and send many congratulations to the North! (Photo on facebook).  All results on


July 31, 2013     Breeding and Sport

Flamenca is returned from the Holkenbrink stud and enjoys the pasture live again. Windfee today was inseminated with San Amour. Her oldest granddaughter Baila by Baldini II out of Quintna * 2005 (Quelle Plaisir) by Quidam de Revel was already placed at the beginning of this month as no. 5 in Damme over 1,20 m obstacles under Uwe Hollenbeck. Sunshine Grace and Tjorven again are on tour to collect ribbons :) both achieved the third place in a DPF A in Heiligenrode and the 7. Place in Sunny's first A-Dressage.


July 23, 2013     Long Season

Daylight today was inseminated with Fantastic. We have caught her quite well and hope now, due to the late date, that she will be in foal very quick. Flamenca is on the Holkenbrink Stud to be inseminated with Rock Forever. Windfee again was not in foal by Fürstenball and now we will change the stallion. If she has a good follicle, we will try again. With so many late inseminations it is already clear today that these mares when they are in foal, will not be inseminated again next year, and 2015 will have much less foals. 



July 6, 2013   


Nominated for the German Championship Young Riders

From 16. - 18. August 2013 in Munich, the German Junior and Young Rider Championships are held. Our  Resümee and Philippa have been nominated this weekend, after they have shown in Kattendorf consistent and good performance. We are overjoyed and press all fingers for both! The event will be shown on clipmyhorse.












July 2, 2013     Nominated for the World Championships

Scolari has now proven his quality even at higher levels as a riding horse maker. Today Scara Boa (breeder Rixta Stolte) and Lena Stegemann were nominated for the World Championships in August in Verden in Warendorf. We are pleased with all involved and congratulate !



July 1, 2013     The nature helps itself

Twin pregnancies always result in a very high risk of miscarriage and are undesirable. The nature often helps itself, in which the smaller twin forms back by itself .... or the whole fruit stalls, like today diagnosed with Flamenca - no longer a baby in the belly - very bad! Now she is rinsed and treated hormonally, so within 8-10 days another attempt can be made.


June 27, 2013     Insemination

Windfee today was again inseminated with Fürstenball. Flamenca is in foal by Rock Forever but unfortunately with twins. One of the two is much smaller and therefore there is the chance that he regresses on his own. ..... So we have to wait.



June 23, 2013     Qualification German Foal Championship

Sri Lanka today received 74,5 from 90 possible points. The 3 judges scored her with 3 x 8,5 for her movements, 3 x 8,0 for correctness and 2 x 8,5 and 1 x 8,0 for her type. We are very happy with this very good result !




June 21, 2013     Ribbon Collector  

Sunshine Grace *2009 and her 16 year old rider made it possible, to collect 5 ribbons in 3 months. Today in Weyhe both achieved the 4. place in a young horse competition A-Dressage. Many congratulations and a lot of ribbons in the future! 



June 18, 2013     Awarded Premium 

It was a hot day - 30 degrees in the shade. On the registration appointment with Rene Tebbel, the dressage foals were the last on the schedule, and the last foal wich entered the ring, was our Sri Lanka. Even after 4 hours on the trailer she ran like clockwork, one step as the other, and could attract the interest of the spectators. Of the breeding committee, she received the title  "Awarded" and is thus one of the best Oldenburg foals of 2013. Read more about her mother and more about Sir Lanka herself.





June 18, 2013     4 days old

Sunny Friday's development is very good. In her side view she looks very similar to her 2010 born full brother Show Dancer.









June 14, 2013     New Filly 

Daylight today brought a black filly with 4 white feet and a blaze. She is the full sister to our 2010 born Show Dancer, who today is in France. Our new arrival is very agile and 10 min after her birth she had found the udder. On the photos she is 6 h old and still a little bit crumpled from the birth.




June 13, 2013     Performance Award  

Today we received an official notification: Rubina is performance mare and listed in Warendorf at the German FEI (FN) in Dept. B  of the German Performance Stud Book. With 86 ribbons up to Medium Dressage and an own winning amout of 2.915 € she also can be an Elite mare with the Oldenburg Breeding Association. For this title she needs an other foal. For 2014 she is in foal agaim by Scolari. 



June 05, 2013     Insemination

Flamenca was today inseminated again by Rock Forever. Windfee is late with her cycle and will be supported with hormons next week. 


June 01, 2013     Sonographie

Dolcezza is in foal by Edward ! We are very happy with this result. Edward, this on advanced level S-Dressage successful state stud stallion, is bringing very beautiful foals with very good movements. Yesterday Edward was the sire of the reseve winner of the foal show in Bargstedt.  


May 26,2013     Sonographie

Rubina (dam line of Blue Hors Cavan) is for 2014 in foal to Scolari again.


May 23, 2013     TV Star

Show Dancer *2010 is part of a TV show on France most well known dressage channel.  Camille Judet-Chéret always sais about Showi "the best horse ever" and she has a lot of plans with him. The Judet-Chéret family is well known and very successful in France, and we look forward for Showi's full sister/brother in mid of June.




May 20, 2013     Pasture

The 1 y old fillies are outside now for 24 h per day. From left to right: 

filly by Fürst Romancier, Santica, Solo Tu, Scala II and Flora Diva.




May 14, 2013     Unexpectedly ...

... comes up often or more often than you think. Ratzinger, who was planed for Flamenca, is in the sport and is not availible for breeding this year. So we have decided spontaneously to use Rock Forever and inseminated Flamenca today by him.  The combination of Rock Forever with Florestan mares is a very successful mating in Westfalia and has already brought many good foals. Rock Forever is among the top 1% of the best German dressage stallions. Only 3 stallions from his year 2003 are listed in this ranking by the German FN/FEI. With a breeding value of 162 and a safety factor of 91% is Rock Forever estimated as safest sire. In 2011 he was highly placed in the finals of the Nuremberg Burgpokal and is now victorious in dressage competitions on advanced level S-Dressage. His offspring, today 3-5 y old, won in 2012 the proud sum of € 14,349 in sports.



May 13, 2013      Turbulent

Hot Chocolate today was tested in foal by FantasticDolcezza needed very quickly semen and so the daily work stayed behind and we drove to Ankum to pick up Edward. This now 8 y old son by Embassy impressed us 5 years ago in his performance test under his test rider. Continously trained and successful on advanced level, he is currently presented by Charlott Schürmann (winner Nuremberg Burgpokal 2012) in upscale sport and is victorious on St. Georges level. Currently he won mid of April 2 S-dressage competitions in Vechta and he was on 11 May in Warendorf winner in the Best of the Best.




May 11, 2013  

Against the licensed state stud stallions Sarotti Mocca Sahne and Fürstbischof, as well as very good offspring of extremely well-known and successful breeders, today Sunshine Grace *2009 (former Scala) by Scolari-Welser could achieve in Verden in a Young horse competition the 6th place. Congratulations to Antonia in Weyhe! 




May 09, 2013     Sonographie 

Dolcezza unfortunately is not in foal by Wolkenstein. As the chemistry between the two obviously is not true, we will change the stallion now. 


May 09, 013     Insemination 

Rubina today and yesterday was inseminated by Scolari. 


May 05, 2013     International Success 

Resümee *2005 by Relevant - De Niro could achieve his first placement in an international competition this weekend. After already 64.5% in an FEI Dressage M * at the beginning of this year where he only was 1st Reserve, he now achieved at this weekend the 3rd Place in an FEI Dressage M** under Philippa. Congratulations to both and many more ribbons ! 


May 03,2013     Insemination

Windfee was inseminated by Fürstenball again.


April 25, 2013     Insemination

Our Australian girl Hot Chocolate was today inseminated by Fantastic. Windfee unfortunately is not in foal by Fürstenball.


April 21, 2013     Insemination

Dolcezza was today inseminated with Wolkenstein II


April 07, 2013     Insemination

Windfee today was inseminated with frozen semen by Fürstenball directly on ovulation. Now we keep our fingers crossed...


April 07, 2013     First steps outside

Today Sri Lanka left her box for the first time and went outside into the paddock. She had to learn a lot: following her mum, lights and shadow, and the way back into the barn.  




April 06, 2013     Sri Lanka is born

This morning at 5.00 a.m. arrived Rubina's 2nd foal, a dark brown filly by Scolari. Read more on her own page.


March 31, 2013     First Ribbon

Today Sunshine Grace *2009 by Scolari (former Scala), could achieve her first ribbon on beginner level. Many congratulations to Antonia in Weyhe - our fingers are crossed for further placements. 


March 31, 2013     Happy Easter Holiday  

With this little film we want to wish HAPPY EASTER to all visitor of our homepage. Klick on the picture an enjoy. Rubina made step backward and we still wait for her foal. 



March 28, 2013     Insemination

Dolcezza was today inseminated with frozen semen directly on ovulation. Now we keep our fingers crossed that the chemistry is right and we have a positive result within 16 days. 


March 25, 2013     Sonography

Ready to Dance is in foal by Abegglen. This Ampere-Carabas son, located at the Böckmann stud was in 2012 premium stallion in Westphalia and is leaving a very good appearance under saddle with uphill and elastic movements.  



March 23, 2013     Monitoring

Rubina is in her pregnancy further than expected and has small beads of resin. Therefore, today the monitoring was started with camera and strap.


March 09, 2013     First insemination

Ready to Dance today was inseminated directly on ovulation. Now we keep our fingers crossed that the chemistry is right and we have a positive result within 16 days. 


February 13, 2013     Mares vetted 

The empty mares are vet checked - now the breeding season can begin.


February 03, 2013 Stallion Show Schockemöhle

Perfectly organized and equipped with extremely interesting stallions presented today the Schockemöhle stud their stallions. From the collection we particularly like Fürstenball who showed a very high rideability and a beautiful side view.  



February 02, 2013     P.B. Schau Verden

In search of potential sires for future foals, there are some dates that are just a "duty". High on our list are from today are the stallions Scuderia and Fantastic. The former out of the dam line of Pik Bube and located at the Pape Stud in Hemmoor, the second one a young stallion who already attracted with enormously energetic groud covering basic gates ​​in September 2012 on the pre-selection for the stallion licensing. He is at home at the Gestüt WM .





January 23, 2013     X-rays

San Sebastian was today presented to the vet for the first X-ray images. He has very good pictures and with this result, the further rearing and preparation for the licensing pre-selection in September this year is usefull.


January 07, 2013     Lady Anina

Anina had to leave her group today and she moved in a training stable into a single box. That was a very big change for our young lady and it will take a few days until she has settled into her new surroundings.


January 02, 2013     Hot Chocolate 

Steve and Kim Spencer, the owner of StPrA Hot Chocolate have decided to leave the mare another year in Germany, that she can bring a foal here next year. Shoki so enriches for one year the flock of our mares. 


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