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King’s Divine – Simply from Heaven


On January 28, 2011 early in the morning at 4.00 a.m. our first foal was born. One week before the expected date, our young lady was a little bit in a hurry to be born, but she exuberates with energy and was unusually quick on her feet.


The photo shows her at the age of 10 days. She is very communicative, has a very good character, a good overview and welcomes everybody in front of her box with a friendly neigh.









King Julio *2007


Certainly it is unusual to use a very young stallion in the breeding of jumping horses. There are yet no information on success of descendants and the own performance of the stallion can only be assessed after a 30 or 70 day performance test moderately. Important in the horse breeding is genetic, and here King Julio’s pedigree is filled with international jumping horses and stamp stallions. King Kolibri: 2010 listed among the top 1,000 jumpers in the world, Achill-Libero H: Landgraf-son, stamp stallion and in Germany alone almost 2 million progeny winnings, Vulkano FRH: Voltaire-son and internationally successful under Marcus Ehning, Julio Mariner xx: one of the few thoroughbreds that have given with a high security the jumping ability and at least, Calypso II, who has left so many good and successful horses in Hanover.

King Julio is genetically very valuable and is regarded as the guardians of the old Hanoverian K-line which brought so many successful horses. King Julio’s dam line stands for successful breeding and sport horses. The year book sport and breeding 2010 of the German FN shows various horses successful over 1.40 m - 1.60 m. There is rarely  such a concentrated performance in a strain, as in the dam line the Hanoverian Algarve, look at horsetelex





   King Kolibri  Kolibri
 King_Julio    v. Achill-Libero H
   Victoria  Vulkano FRH
     v. Julio Mariner xx
   Wanderbursch_  Wanderer
 White_Sands     v._Shogun_xx
   Trabanta  Traunstein


1. Dam: 2/2

Hanoverian main stud book mare 

2. Dam: 3/3

PHS member for breeding Hanoverian jumping horses 

3. Dam: 4/4

Offsprings successful in jumping on advanced level and dressage on medium level.


Dam Line of Nonsberga 2190301 

From it Pik König - N-LGS 751.800 €




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