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De Niro by Donnerhall  Awards Dancing Daylight 



Dancing Daylight



Bay broodmare, born May 8th, 2001


She is a daughter by the stamp stallion De Niro, by Donnerhall – Akzent II. De Niro was licensed 1995 in Verden and later reserve winner of the Stallion Performance Test of his year with 145,41 points in dressage and 117,75 in show jumping. He mastered the dressage advanced level already in the age of 7 years and was successful in Grand Prix as well. 2001 winner with Dolf-Dietram Keller in the German Championship of professional riders, 2002 international triumphantly in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special, 2003 winner in German Dressage Derby in Hamburg. Based at the stud Klosterhof Medingen with family Wahler he brought it in 12 years 1432 offsprings for the breeding area Hanover alone.


From his first year, several stallions became licensed straight away nationwide. Meanwhile, he has 58 licensed sons and only in the breeding area of Hanover 454 broodmares, from it 107 state prime mares. De Niro's first foals were sold to prices about 25.000 €, his son Desert Moon brought in 2002 on the licensing in Verden his owner the proud sum of 271.000 €. Meanwhile, De Niro's offsprings confirm their quality also under the rider. Desperados achieved 2004 with the German Championship in Warendorf (Bundeschampionat) in the class of the 3 year old stallions the bronze medal. Denara was auctioned on the Elite Auction in Verden in autumn 2004 for 80.000 €. 


De Niro transmits his offsprings much elasticity and a very high dressage disposition. Mostly as well correct legs and a nice type. 99 offsprings have been successful on advanced dressage level in 2009. With a dressage index of 142 and a security of 99 % he belongs to the top 1 % of the German dressage sires.   


Dancing Daylight is a noble mare and has purely arithmetical, a share of 37% noble blood (TB and Trakehner). In 7 generations, 9 noble stallions are located, which are inbred several times. In 3. and 7. generation on Marcio xx, in 5. and 6. generation on the Trakehner Abglanz. Furthermore are included Pik As xx, Wiesenbaum xx, Waidmannsdank xx, Manolete xx, Der Löwe xx, Toreador xx and Kurde X.    


With these high nobly-blood-shares, we hope ourselves from her a type full heredity. Dancing Daylight received for her head and her elasticity 8, the rest was scored with 7, the frontlegs with 6, what is comprehensible with this high TB blood share. She passed her Performance Test with high scores. The interior was scored with 8, the gaits with 7,67, the rideability also with 7,67. She does not like loose jumping very much and received therefore the score 6.  


She fascinates by her outstanding trot, for which there was scene applause on shows several times. Out of her Performance Test, we would have been able to sell her many times. Commentaries at the edge of the examination were: "great, she has everything in there"!   


Dancing Daylight is a delicate and easy to handle mare with a high rideability. She is absolutely human referential and caresses very much. She inserts herself easily in the herd. She owns a high elasticity and ground covering gaits. Her favourite gait is trot. She is free from contagious illnesses shows no vices.

    Donnerwetter Disput
  Donnerhall   Matador
    Ninette Markus
De Niro     Carnot
    Akzent II Absatz
  Alicante   Waidmannsdankxx
    Wiesenelfe Wiesenbaum xx
    Marcio xx Aventin xx
  Matrose   Janus xx
FN-LSt   Adelinde Athos
Mona     Allmers
    Graf Douglas Grande


(VA) Gräfin


    Plastik Pik As xx


further: Dynamit - Friesenkönig - Sportsmann-Schwabenspiegel II - Oroszvar xx - Süd (1866).


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