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Hanoverian Foal – Black colt by Hofrat/T.


At last since the Hanoverian licensing in 2005 Hofrat/T. is known all over the world. With Hotline he brought the premium stallion and licensing winner who was auctioned for 800.000 € to Schockemöhle and the Danish Stud Blue Hors. Hofrat embodies the modern Trakehner sport stallion. Elegance, ease, dynamic movements and highest willingness to work marks him as desired sire. His own performance is respectable – he is successful in dressage on advanced level and proud winner in the square. His offsprings convinces with high rideability. Hotline passed his stallion’s performance test with 146 points and was the proud winner of his class. Since 2006 Hofrat is listed under the Top 20 dressage stallions in the German breeding ranking. With 161 pts and a security of  91 % he currently is no. 21 in Germany.


Best bloodlines are combined in Hofrat’s pedigree. His father, the premium and elite stallion Gribaldi, is international successful in dressage on Grand Prix level.




 HighGrove *28.04.2007 


he is a black eyecatcher with 3 white feet and a little blaze. He had 109 cm when he was born and the familiar relationship to his father Hofrat and his 75 % brother Hotline are obvious. His first movements are breathtaking, always uphil with high elasticity. His father on mothers hand De Niro, is awarded "Hanoverian Stallion of the Year 2008" is a stamp stallion and won the German Dressage Derby. Until today 80 of his offspring are successful in dressage on advanced class. His offsprings where sold dearly at all places. Today we can retrack our dam line founded by StPtSt Friesengluck back to 1870. The last 4 generations brougth sporthorses in Dressage and Showjumping as well. Weltgraf by Weltmeyer out of  Gräfin Pompadour is 2006 listed on place 229 with the

FEI Worldranking Dressage

and successful

in Grand Prix. 

Read more informations about his mother Dancing Daylight, our  dam line on this homepage. 



    Kostolany/T. Enrico Caruso
  Gribaldi/T.   v.Falke
    E.St.Gondola v.Ibikus
 Hofrat/T.     v.Flugsand
    GuterPlanet/T v.E.H. Consul
  HabsburgII/T   v.Mahagoni
    Helvetia/T. v.Effekt
    Donnerhall v.Donnerwetter
FN-LSt De Niro   v.Markus
Dancing   Alicante v.Akzent II
Daylight FN-LSt   v.Wiesenb.xx
  Mona Matrose v.Marcio xx


(VA) Gräfin  Pompadour  v.Graf Douglas
      v.Pik As xx
further: Weimar - Dynamit - Friesenkonig - Sportsmann - Schwabenspiegel II - Oroszvar xx - Sued (1866).


1. Mother: 3/3; MPT 8,0-7,5-7,5/7,67/6,0 Nat. FEI Perf. Studbook A 
2. Mother: 14/11; Nat. FEI Perf. Studbook C+D
Successful Offsprings: 
Biliti *95 by Buenos Aires Dres. M-succ.
Worodin *97 by Weltmeyer, won Dres. M/B
Welcome *98 by Weltmeyer, Dres. M succ.
Line: International successful in Grand Prix - Weltgraf by Weltmeyer out of Gräfin Pompadour.

Line of the State Stud Stallion

Pik Junge*1968 N-LGS 113.235€

by Pik As xx (LB Celle) N-LGS 238.567 €.


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